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CMDCLI™ Cookie Policy

Last modified on 10/29/21 @ 11:39:24:am

Use of Cookies

CMDCLI™'s websites and online services may use “cookies.” Cookies enable you to use our tools, help confirm you are getting the most up to date information from our tools and to personalize your experience on our sites. They also tell us which parts of our websites people have visited, help us measure the effectiveness of web searches, and give us insights into user behavior so we can improve our communications and products.

If you want to disable cookies in most web browsers, go to Preferences and then to the Privacy and/or Security pane and choose to block cookies. You may want to consult with your provider to find out how to disable cookies. On your other devices, go to Settings, then search for the Cookies, Security or Privacy section.

Because cookies are used throughout our websites, disabling them may prevent you from using certain parts of the sites.

The cookies used on our websites have been categorized based on the guidelines found in the ICC UK Cookie guide. We use the following categories on our websites and other online services:

Category 1 — Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential to enable you to browse around our websites and use their features. Without these cookies, services like tools we provide, cannot be provided.

Category 2 — Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information about how you use our websites — for instance, which pages you go to most. This data may be used to help optimize our websites and make them easier for you to navigate. These cookies may also be used to let affiliates know if you came from one of our websites via an affiliate link. This will not contain if your visit resulted in the use or purchase of a product or service from us, including details of the product or service purchased. These cookies do not collect information that identifies you. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

Category 3 — Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow our websites to remember choices you make while browsing. For instance, we may store your geographic location in a cookie to ensure that we show you our website localized for your area. We may also remember preferences such as text size, fonts, and other customizable site elements. They may also be used to keep track of what featured products or videos have been viewed to avoid repetition. The information these cookies collect will not personally identify you, and they cannot track your browsing activity on non-CMDCLI websites.

Disclaimer 0 — Yummy Cookies

Unfortunately none of our cookies contain chocolate, nuts, sugar or anything that goes well with milk.
We are working on that, though...

This cookie policy is meant to be used in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, specifically the Tracking Technologies and Cookies Section. Please view it for more detailed information.


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