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Welcome to

CMD is the abbreviation for "command". CLI is the acronym for "Command Line Interpreter". The majority of this site will be tips, tricks, and little known use cases while using a terminal in Linux (A.K.A. GNU/Linux) or some variant of BSD (Berkley Software Distribution - of Unix).

This started because of the collection of notes, scripts and automation projects I have worked on for the last 30 (ish) years. I hope it will be of value to some.

This site is still being developed. Check back often as there will be new content added almost daily.

New Content:

Domain Name Check. Checks the availability of a name across multiple TLD's. (Top Level Domains)

WHOIS Name Check. Checks the WHOIS of a name across multiple TLD's.

This site is a labor of love. There are some advertisements to help pay the bills. All advertisements will meet very strict policies on privacy and tracking. I'm current looking for the best ad providers that will not track across the internet like so many seem to do currently. Also the new and improved privacy policy is now published. Privacy Policy is here.

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